1. Everybody’s like:

    "Aw yeah Halloween!"

    "Aw yeah Thanksgiving!"

    "Aw yeah Christmas!"

    Meanwhile I’m over here like:

    "Aw yeah I can’t find joy in anything anymore!"


  2. Got tagged on facebook.

    10 Anime that will always stay with you. Rules: Don’t take too long to think about it. Ten animes you’ve seen that will always stick with you. List the first ten you can recall in no more than 10 minutes. Tag 10 friends, including me, because I’m actually interested in seeing what anime you guys choose.

    1. Big O
    2. Digimon
    3. Gurren Lagan
    4. Afro Samurai
    5. Cowboy Bebop
    6. Outlaw Star
    7. Samurai Champloo
    8. Black Dynamite

    That’s all I got.  To add anymore would be lying to myself. (if I was still in 7th grade I woulda put DBZ but I ain’t in the 7th grade no more)

  3. adelightfultedium:

    Mamma Said Knock You Out! #TransformersAnimated #DJW #KnockOut #DerrickJWyatt Inks/color by @Dyemooch #JoshPerez #J-Pig

    I would show this to my roommate but if I know her she’s seen this days before I have.

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  4. It’s frustrating when people misconstrue you for being a person with little money instead of a person with NO money.  

    There is a difference.  One means I shouldn’t buy something, the other means I CAN’T.

  10. daverapoza:

    Quick Punisher Sketch

    DaveRapoza.com <— Updated pretty often now <3

  11. kalidraws:

    My Fifth Element print, bird print, and SEED poster are all now available in my online store! Free shipping worldwide through sunday!!

    The Fifth Element artbook is now also available for ordering.

    Many thanks to everyone who came by at SPX! I had a blast talking to you all and I’m sad that it’s over! It’s a truly inspiring show, and I’m so, so proud of Sam for winning an Ignatz award this year. I’ll be putting my remaining Anime Boyfriends zines up for sale online in the next few weeks, and I’m hopeful that I’ll have a ~new~ zine/comic for next year! ☆

  12. kamisamafr:

    Comics Ladies by Dan Mora

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  13. ggariba:

    Post-work unwinding drawing, pretending I make a comic about my friend Mecha who is secretly a badass crme fighter/vigilante (?)

  14. herochan:

    Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 Variant Cover

    Created by Simone Bianchi || Blog

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  15. alvinjohnsonphotography:

    Mad Max Power Girl
    Cosplayer: Vegas PG
    Photography by Alvin Johnson Photography
    Instagram: alvinphotog
    Twitter: @alvinphotog

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