2. ryanottley:

    The newest INVINCIBLE hard cover 9 is coming out this month. So I wanted to show off the giant cover for it and the last two as well. All pencilled and inked by me, colored by John Rauch.

  3. mirudraws:

    oh my god I love these two!

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  4. sunbakerey:

    here’s a wallpaper version of my TMNT piece for Gallery Nucleus 

    [ direct link to hi res ]

  5. sairobee:

    Sketch of my OC Oriene. :D

  7. johnmartz:

    TD Summer Reading Club window decals!

  8. ourvaluedcustomers:

    I’ll have a small number of these Ra’s Al COOL shirts for sale at Boston Comic Con next week!

  9. felinezegers:

    Old sketch, new ideas and colour….work in progress!

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  10. felixinclusis:

    randallfischer: Untitled for now. Ink and pencil on paper. By Randall Fischer

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  11. grarg:

    "The Groots"

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  12. blackfolksmakingcomics:

    There’s a war brewing. Mad scientists with technopathic abilities and religious zealots who didn’t come to bring peace but a sword. Humanity is stuck in the middle. A young girl with a unique ability may be the world’s last hope for peace if only she could find peace within herself after witnessing a tragedy. 

    Thus is the premise of Al Letson’s Imperfect, an original miniseries that recently launched a Kickstarter campaign. The days are dwindling down, and you could help make this graphic novel series a reality. 

    Looks impressive. Great sci-fi story with a European artistic vibe about it. Check it out and support the cause

  13. it8bit:

    The IT Crowd - by Tom Trager

    Tumblr || Website || Flickr

    T-shirts available at RedBubble!

    Created and submitted by tomtrager.

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  14. blaqwing said: Since today Aug 1 is national Spider-man day how about giving us something good to celebrate.


    Here is the cover to all new X-Men five Mahmud Asrar that we debuted at San Diego,

  15. "It's hard to be an up & coming female rapper nowadays because people don't know what to do with us. Like, they don't know what to do with women in Hip-Hop, so the best thing to do is to pit them against each other and it's like, 'You are gonna be better than her because she's the only one doing it right now,' and there are so many male rappers now that no one says that about." (x)

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