1. fyeahsuperheroes:

    What are you up to marvelentertainment?

    Someone put Marvel on repeat apparently.

  2. thebiggestnerd:

    Thought I’d share some of the outtakes from my sister and my Summerween shoot with kylemistry.

    We embody grace and poise.

    Also, cutenotkawaii might actually be Mabel in real life.

  4. typette:

    Pixar’s 22 rules to phenomenal storytelling (click in the pictures to zoom)

    aw man, is THIS why all pixar movies are all “grumpy character meets new character, changes his POV while they accomplish a goal” stories? jesus :T

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  5. ungoliantschilde:

    Cliff Chiang ~ his Designs for Gatchaman (Battle of the Planets).

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  6. anna-cattish:

    🚲👭 #sketching #girls #bike

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    Typical racist rhetoric:

    The “oh, but you’re not like the rest of them” line.

    Never forget

    His fucking face in the third pic is like every white boy I’ve ever seen try to explain away his racist/sexist/homophobic comment.

    When it’s actually the opposite. European settlers were the savages. Native Americans had running irrigation systems! They had beautiful and intricate cities and homes and communities. They were clean, and respectful of the environment, and even used a form of breath sweeteners! But no. You won’t learn any of that in American history classes. You won’t learn about the complete and utter genocide of a nation of people who originally inhabited this land. Nope.

    Obviously they weren’t that advanced if we were able to defeat them so easily

    You’re right. The practices native Americans used to keep their homes and villages clean wasn’t advanced enough to fight off the diseases brought over by those nasty ass white settlers. Probably because they’d never been exposed to such a degree of filth and little regard for hygiene. That was a large reason many indigenous Americans died, disease.

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  8. thesylverlining:




    just a small town girl. Living in a racist, insensitive, sexist, homophobic world,

    (cant take the midnight train ‘cause im fuckin scared)

    Just a city boy, shot by cops in south Detroit
    "He coulda had a gun hiding anywhere"

    Bullshit, racists,
    Up and down the boulevard
    Trash cops, assholes in the night
    (it goes on and on and on and on)

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  10. pipesandrage:




    This is why I hate texting sometimes.

    Every text conversation between me and my siblings summarized in a nutshell

    This speaks to me on a spiritual level.

    Can we talk about that pizza sweater though because I need 8..

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  11. philnoto:

    The Hank Pym Photo Archives come to Marvel Comics!  It was just announced at NYCC that I will be doing 20 variant covers for the month of February in the style of the “photos” that I’ve posted on my blog in the past. Thank you to everyone who has favorited/liked/reblogged these pieces in the past. This wouldn’t have happened without you!

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  12. leseanthomas:

    Main Title Sequence for our new season of Black Dynamite!

    Black Dynamite’s Season Opening Title was done byStudio Trigger (Kill La Kill, Little WItch Academia) and Sanzigen (Kill La Kill Op2/Cyborg 009) (Ultra Super Pictures). Directed by none other than big homieHIroyuki Imaishi (Kill La Kill). 

    FUN PRODUCTION FACT: 10 of the 22 cuts in this sequence were hand drawn illustrations (Still images& some Key animation like the foot gas pedal). The rest is all 3D animated / toon shading (Sanzigen). Frames were removed and shot on 1s, 2s and 3s to give the impact of classic Imaishi, 2D style timing.  During my hangout in Japan, meeting with Matsuura-san, president of Sanzigen, he told me the crew had an absolute blast producing the Main Title and felt it was one of the more creatively liberating projects they’ve worked on. Imaishi felt the show was so cool because the style looked inspired by Takeshi Koike, which he later admitted was his stylistic inspiration for Dead Leaves. :-)

    Black Dynamite x Trigger x Sanzigen = :-D

    Be sure to catch our new season of Black Dynamite Saturday nights at 10:30, only on Adult Swim. See you next weekend! SSUUUIII!!!!


  13. thebiggestnerd:

    Not even kidding we just had an officer call out with a stand off with a raccoon.  And he is like whispering like he’s so scared..I can’t…I cannot

    Well shit if it’s Rocket Raccoon can you blame him? That dude’s got the biggest guns.

  14. afro-dominicano:


    Whites riot over pumpkins in NH and Twitter turns it into epic lesson about Ferguson, aka The Best of #PumpkinFest, PT 1. #staywoke

    in this week’s episode of shit black folks would get murdered or jailed with no trial for

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